Dr. Shane - Chiropactor. Walnut, CA
Step 1:
Please come to your appointment on time. You don't need to come early. We don't double book patients so the time you are scheduled is blocked out just for you. Please wear loose clothing so we can get to the area that is bothering you.

Step 2:
Fill out the new patient paperwork. It takes 5 - 10 minutes. You can also download it on the first page of this web site and bring it with you. Also, please bring your insurance card if we are billing your insurance.

Step 3:
Dr. Shane will review your information and then you will talk about your injury and what your health goals are.

Step 4:
A comprehensive exam will be performed to figure out what is wrong.

Step 5:
Dr. Shane will let you know if additional laboratory tests or other tests including x-rays are needed.

Step 6:
Dr. Shane will tell you what is wrong in plain English so you understand. He will give you a working diagnosis. He will make treatment reccommendations to help you get out of pain and help you reach your health goals..

Step 7:
We will start treatment on you the same day. Most patients require a combination of physical therapy and Chiropractic care. We expect almost all of our patients to be better after the first treatment.

Step 8:
Dr. Shane will give you any information you need to take care of yourself while away from the office.